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The vision of Nevada Community Alliance is to build a Cozy Housing Community to provide people with a place to live that is affordable.  Our houses will be 650-1200 sqft--large enough to live comfortably yet small enough to maintain.  Our floor plans will be carefully measured so that anyone with a walker or wheelchair will still have room to maneuver in all areas of the home.  As residents age, this is such an important consideration!  

We plan on using "green" technologies such as solar power as much as possible and using recycled water for landscaping in common areas.   Our plan is to create a diverse and peaceful environment that is cost-effective and one that will leave a low carbon footprint.

As we proceed with the Cozy Places Community, we will be seeking, not just monetary and tangible items (building materials, furniture, linens, toiletries, etc), but volunteers, too.  We have already reached out to local churches who are on board.  We have organizations willing to help with screening and applications, and with transportation (driving people from the community homes to shopping or jobs, etc).  We have an organization that is interested in helping us with solar power and another to help with gardening and composting.  If you are interested in contributing to this exciting venture, please reach out!   It is truly an exciting time for us and big or small, we hope we can count on your support!

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